Thursday, September 4, 2008

Project Runway - A Foreign Affair

This week's challenge took the designers to the office of Diane Von Furstenberg, where she made a dramatic entrance down a long set of white steps, and shook hands with what seemed like 30 or so people instead of the few designers that were actually there. She looks great, how old is she? Diane presented the challenge, which was to create an outfit that could go along with her 2008 Collection - 'Foreign Affair'. Her collection was inspired by the Marlene Dietrich film, which is set in Berlin, Shanghai and New York. The winning outfit would be offered for sale exclusively to American Express customers.

Probably the most exciting thing to happen so far this season, for me anyway, was that the designers got to go through Diane's fabric room and choose some of her fabrics to make their outfits! I loved that because I love fabrics, I love looking at them, touching them, drooling on them. Plus Diane Von F is so well known for her beautiful prints and drapey fabrics. Yummy. Fabric lust.

Anyway, someone please slap Blayne upside the head for whatever that thing was he had tied around his head, and for thinking that Diane was 'googling' him and his tan, and for thinking the Olsen twins are a 'fashion legend' Why is here still here?! Sadly Stella Leathuh was the one out. I know she had to go at some time, because this wasn't really her scene. She also didn't seem to be enjoying herself much anymore. But I liked Stella, she was fun. I loved her comment about the 'stylist in the oversized mu-mu'. Joe and Blayne could have gone before her. I liked the idea/look of her vest and pants, although the pants had 'the crotch that women have nightmares about' according to Mme. Kors. It just wasn't made very well, and the cape was wrong.

Leanimal won again this week with a super beautiful 1930s inspired bias cut gown. It had a surprise ruffle down the back. I didn't care much for the coat in the fabric that she used, it seemed kind of too casual. But you can see the dress for sale at $650.00 - with much better pictures than the crappy ones from Project Runway's site. Korto was in 2nd place with a super black and white gown with a splash of yellow. Her jacket doesn't look very good in the photo above, but it was really sharp on the runway. These two are my picks for being in the final 3!

My challenge this week, first I was going to find some Diane Von F dresses currently for sale, but I decided to find something vintage that could represent each city in the movie. Check out these choices and their sellers' listings.

From Vintage Clothing Bulletin, Blog for Vintage Clothing, Vintage Lingerie

Berlin - HATTIE CARNEGIE LONG BLACK / PINK SPECTATOR DRESS*30S - from Hollywood Classic Vintage
Shanghai - SULTRY!~Exotic 1930's Beaded CHEONGSAM~Black Crepe - from Furvella
New York - BONNIE & CLYDE! VTG 30s PLAID SKIRT SUIT+BLAZER~XS/S - from Violetville Vintage

Bye for now, Carol


violetville said...

Thanks for the mention, Carol! That reminds me to go pull out the vintage DVF dress I've got - you're so right about the fabrics (and prints!)!! Cheers, Tina

David Dust said...

I am SO going to miss Stella!

CLICK HERE for DavidDust's Project Runway recap.


Hoardmeister said...

You can see my take on the episode on my blog, dahling.

What really got to me was that they got the plot of the movie so, so wrong!

Marie said...

I like the Project Runway posts.
I think it's kind of tacky for people to be promotiing their own blog posts here.

Hoardmeister said...

I don't, dahling, and it is certainly far too much trouble to explain the entire plot here. Besides, are you naive enough to think that none of the sellers on this site have their own separate blogs as well as this one? Tut tut!