Thursday, September 18, 2008

Project Runway - College Girls enter the Real World

Down to 6. In case you didn't already hear, the last 6 designers all got to show their collections at Bryant Park last Friday during Fashion Week. That's because they still haven't figured out how to edit Project Runway without running several weeks after Fashion Week. I just think that it's unfair that auffed designers still get to show at Bryant Park, when that's part of the prize. But they get to show so that no spoilers are published revealing who the final 3/4 are before the show airs.
I guess that I didn't mind it in the past when people like Austin, Kara J, Chris March and Sweet P were able to show after being auffed. But they were all good designers. There's just something about Joe being able to show that really bugs me. I still can't figure out how he, and a few others, even got cast this year. Was there a poor turn-out at casting? Was there something fabulous in their audition/portfolio that we didn't get to see? I miss the Road to the Runway episodes where you got to see the casting.

Oh, well. The challenge this week was to create an outfit for recent college graduates who were getting makeovers so they could go out and rule the world with their college degrees and their new hairstyles. Plus their mothers were observing and giving their opinions. What college grad is going to listen to their mother's wardrobe suggestions? None. The mothers were just thrown in this mix for drama, but the drama was minimal and not enough to make this an interesting show.
Jerell was the winner, 2 wins in a row - yeah! Joe was out of course, yeah! Kenley is really, really starting to bug me, and I think I will rrrrreally start to dislike her next week if the previews are true. I didn't like the 'vintage dress' that she made - if the girl wanted a vintage look, she should have gone out a bought a vintage dress! (sorry, it's the vintage seller in me throwing a fit over people buying into getting a vintage look without an actual vintage garment) In next week's preview, you hear Kenley saying 'What does Tim know anyway?' huuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh? What? On no you . . . - I'll save this rant until the show actually airs and I hear her comment in context before I bitch.
I was watching some repeats of Season 4 on Monday night. Ahh, the good ole days of Season 4, where you looked forward to and were amazed by the designs of Chris M, Rami, Jillian and Christian and others. Remember the Wrestling Gals, the Art Museum? Seeing those episodes made me realize just how weak this season is. Bring back Stella! At least she was cool and interesting.

OK, now for my attempt at making this Project Runway post related to Vintage Clothing (better than Kenley did) I chose some vintage suits that aren't your typical button-down, serious working girl suits. Some that are very suitable for a professional job, but with a little fun or flash.

1. Boho Folkloric Vintage 70s Young Edwardian Suit - from Lucitebox



4. Vintage 70s Denim Western Dress Suit Skirt Blazer - from meticulousmaltese

5. Cute Tan Two Piece Skirt Suit Vintage 70's w Tags S - from hotelregina

Bye for now, Carol

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David Dust said...

I definitely don't have to wait for next week to start disliking Kenley. I can't wait for Tim to tell her about herself!

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