Thursday, September 11, 2008

Project Runway - Avant Garde Zodiacs

This week's Project Runway challenge was to create an Avant Garde look based on a Zodiac sign. The designers were randomly teamed up with the 'auf'-ed designers from this season, not many looked too thrilled to be coming back, and not many designers were too enthused about being teamed up with the 'losers'. Blayne and Stella seemed genuinely happy to be working together though. The teams had to choose one of their own Zodiac signs to create their look from.

I didn't like Keith much while he was on, and I didn't feel sorry for him when he cried during his departing speech, but I felt bad for him last night. He was teamed with Terri, who I had liked from the begining, but she really turned nasty. She totally dismissed Keith, didn't listen to his input, didn't let him do any sewing (he was there to help her) and she accused him of abandoning her during the runway critique. Keith requested that Terri 'Be Gentle' because he was kind of upset about being back, but she sure wasn't.

Anyway, I'm not sure some of the designers knew what Avant Garde meant (it doesn't mean weird or stupid, Blayne) And as usual, the show gave you such bad views of the outfits that you couldn't really tell what was going on.
Besides getting to see auf-ed designers from this season return, we got to see some designers from previous seasons when the current designers took their Avant Garde designs to a Planetarium to be judges by Jay (yeah!), Christian (still fierce), Kara J, Daniel V, Carmen, Allison Kelley (still adorable) and Robert (why him? thank goodness he cut the hair. The 90s are long-gone dude) Too bad it was so dark in the Planetarium that you couldn't see a thing of the garments.
Then they were off to the regular runway judging. I was happy to see Jerell win with his Sagittarius outfit. As I said previously I think he's the only guy with any somewhat consistant talent this season. I would like to have seen more of the fabulous details that everyone was talking about on his dress and I also would have liked to have seen the back of Korto's Aquarius gown, and more of Leanne's twisty Scorpio dress.

Joe worked with Daniel and it looked like he had a big influenec on the outfit. I don't know if Joe could have pulled it off alone, but then, he did win the Drag Queen challenge.
Kenley threw an Aquarius-ego fit trying to defend the bizarro cartoon costume that she created. Bad attitude girlie. She and Terri 'tutted' and made faces while the judges critiqued their outfits. I can understand being upset over being slammed for something that you think is fabulous, but suck it up and be professional. (I'd probably be tutting and face pulling too though!)

Blayne and Terri were out. Blayne deserved to go, but I was disappointed in Terri being out and in her sudden display of behavior. Mme. Kors made fun of Suede referring to himself in the third person, saying he didn't have the talent or fame to be doing that yet.

So my challenge was to find some Avant Garde-like vintage clothing for this post. I went to Etsy for my search, since 'avant garde' is becoming an overused and abused keyword on ebay (hoods and batwings do not neccessarily make something avant garde, ladies)
I choose some items that I felt could be considered Avant Garde, attention getting, unusual. Enjoy.

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Jeanetta said...

Awesome Blog, thanks so much for including Ancestor Vintage.......

andapanda-rlf said...

Love your comments on this show Carol. Please keep it up!!~Hugs, Andrea

Anonymous said...

What a AWESOME Blog!
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Hoardmeister said...

Great recap! I too was disappointed in Terri's attitude. Wasn't it great when the model broke up when Michael Kors called Terri's dress "Voodoo Princess From Hell"? I loved seeing little Christian again, but I thought Leanne should have won, or Korto. Still, Jerrell has a lot of talent and a great POV about it all.