Sunday, September 7, 2008

My latest favorite thing ever

I freaked when I saw it was a vintage athletic jacket.

I freaked when I saw it was a vintage athletic BOWLING jacket, with pin and bowling ball shaped patchs.

I freaked when I saw that the patches were embroidered with the years the team won (making it easy to date) and that the winning team was Checker Cab (a bunch of cabbies winning bowling tournament in the late 50's is an incredibly evocative situation).

And then while driving it home, my associate pointed out that it was completely reversible, with a black satin, and matching bowling theme patches. These types of things should not be pointed out to me when I'm driving, because I damn near crashed the car.

This is especially timely because I have been obsessed with Rin Tanaka's work - books on vintage motorcycle culture, vintage skateboard and surf fashion, rockabilly fashion, and vintage athletic fashion.

Vintage 50's REVERSIBLE Satin BOWLING Athletic Jacket

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