Monday, September 22, 2008

Meet the Vintage Fashion Guild

Meet the Vintage Fashion Guild

What is the Vintage Fashion Guild?
The Vintage Fashion Guild (VFG) is an international collective of people who are passionate and knowledgeable about vintage clothing. Founded in 2002 by a group of online vintage sellers, the group now also includes retail (brick-and-mortar) vintage sellers, stylists, designers, fashion editors, writers, journalists, vintage related bloggers, curators, researchers, historians and librarians of fashion history. The web site is our meeting place, and a place for the general public to explore many aspects of vintage fashion.

Why do people join VFG?
Our members are respected sellers and professionals, entitled to use the VFG logo, a symbol of trust and integrity recognized by buyers. Our site and its resources are constantly being updated and created by our members, providing an outlet for web publication. We strive to promote our member's work through featuring members on the home page, blogging about their accomplishments, featuring their books, and showcasing their offerings on our public forums and blogs. We are constantly thinking of new ways to promote VFG members.

How can people join VFG?
It is free to register on our public forums as a "visitor" of the VFG but if you are an experienced, professional seller, or are a vintage fashion professional in another field such as writing or museum work then you may want to take the next step and apply for trade membership.
There are guidelines for membership, which can be found on the membership applications.

What does VFG do for buyers?
This is summed up in our mission statement:
The Vintage Fashion Guild's mission is to become the international voice of the vintage fashion industry and its leading authority. Its objectives are to:
- Protect the interests of vintage vendors and encourage good practice.
- Elevate the standard of dependability among sellers to stimulate buyers' and collectors' confidence that items are accurately represented in terms of age, style, details and condition.
- Raise awareness of vintage fashion and provide a forum to bring together buyers and sellers.
- Establish a central educational resource available to both buyers and sellers.
- Create a positive environment for and enhance the image of vintage clothing.
- Encourage the conservation and wearing of vintage fashion to preserve the history, availability and survival of vintage clothing in future years. The VFG discourages the habitual practice of modifying or altering existing vintage to suit the current trend.
- Position vintage clothing as a viable, attractive and environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional fashion.

Where are you located?
You can find us at our website,
and you can registerfor our public forums at:

To learn more about VFG:
Our highly regarded blog:

The VFG Vintage Label Resource:,com_alphacontent/Itemid,100/

VFG Members:

Here is a sample of some of the items that you will find available for sale from Vintage Fashion Guild members -

1. A superb 'Big Biba' era suit in their trademark delicious deco print jersey - from Vintage-A-Peel

2. 1960’s Tapestry Purse - from Marian's Vintage Vanities

3. Striking Indonesian Batik print tunic dress - from Tangerine Boutique


5. 1930s Crinkled Silk Floral Print Top - from Shrimpton Couture

6. HERBERT LEVINE Vintage 50s SPRINGOLATORS Shoes w FLOWER - from Memphis Vintage

7. The Vintage Fashion Library

8. 1950s Polished cotton Hawaiian shirt from Hilo, Hawaii - from Woodland Farms Antiques

9. Lovely, blue cotton day dress with a plaid print in shades of wine, olive green, plum and golden yellow - from Nelda's Vintage

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