Sunday, September 21, 2008

the latest from The Family Vintage

We have recently come into a load of 1960's and 70's pieces from a sweet little old lady whose husband was employed with Butte Knit back in the day. A lot are insane men's pieces that he had custom made, but there are also a good amount of stunning women's pieces. We will be listing them slowly but surely. The first one pictured above is a Misty Harbor Limited Edition coat (The Coat of Qiana). The fabric is crazy gorgeous as is the heavily Asian inspired design. The second picture is the cutest pair of men's trousers, Arnold Craven label, embroidered with tiny tennis rackets and the word "love". Third is a stunning sage green Butte Knit cape coat (my personal favorite). The last coat is just a cutie pie find we ran across....slate blue princess cut coat with grey fur collar and an awesome set of buttons! Just click the poster above and visit our shop for a closer inspection of these amazing pieces. Hope everyone has a great week! -Adah

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