Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How to Catch a MAN!!! 1960 Style

Of course they didn't tell us what to do with him once he was caught...but that information really wasn't suitable for publication in 1960. Actually the article is entitled "How to be Popular" But the answer to that wasn't suitable for publication either so they just beat around the bush, and taught us girls to tease a lot.

Lots of pretty dresses with full or very slim skirts were designed to catch a man's eye............after all no self respecting woman was worth her salt, if she didn't have a man to take care of poor little ole her. So to get that perfect hour glass figure it was recommended that you
"dream" your way into the proper foundations.

LOL............this was written with my tongue in my cheek because I bought the whole package in 1960 and parts of me still does...........which could be why I'm still married after 36 years. Or I could just be lucky.

But if you want to read it for fun or to really see how the distaff side lived in the Mid Century this charming Ladies Home Journal is listed on ecrater at cemetarian.

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