Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Easy Shmeezy!

How easy is it to wear vintage clothing? Easy Shmeezy!

This is for those who read this blog and need some vintage fashion tips. Maybe you want to get into wearing vintage but don't quite know how to do it. Even us vintage sellers & collectors could use a new idea now and again. :-)

Ever liked a piece of vintage clothing but just couldn't figure out how to make it modern? Here are a couple of ideas for you.

A simple soft 1960s Candy Jrs. pink chiffon dress with an added chocolate brown moc-croc leather belt. Overall pleats may not be for everyone, but when a belt brings the eye towards the middle, the pleats suddenly become smaller - and so does the figure! The color of the belt is important too - always experiment, but we found the brown was a softer look. We tried black but it made the pink suddenly look like a little kids' pink dress instead of feminine & age appropriate.

A 1950s Kathi Original cotton evergreen swing dress is updated by simply adding modern jewellery. We know designers copy this dress style all the time - so why not use the original! With a cuff bracelet, a shoulder bag or clutch and some great shoes (I can see purple shoes actually), this is a simple but knockout look.

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Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

I'm a big fan of green, and that is an especially pretty shade of green. The necklace that you chose looks really good with it.