Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Autumn.....Time for Skirts and Sweaters

Cooler weather calls for digging the sweaters our of storage and thinking more about layers. And if you don't have just the perfect period piece to wear, there are many many instructions for re-creating those fabulous sweaters from years gone by. At cemetarian we have vintage knitting and crochet booklets with wonderful sweaters for both him and her.......young or not so young.

Chadwicks Red Heart, Mohair, Spinnerin are just a few of the brands as well as Annies Attic and McCall's.

Love this Botticelli and Raphael reference to the sweaters below.

And of course, what you wear under that sweater is as important as the sweater itself. And what better base for the perfect sweater than the perfect skirt. Long or short, Full or slim..or somewhere in-between.

And don't forget pants..........skinny pants, full legged pants, short pants just about any type of pants you want, you can find them in our Separates categories.

So come and visit our revamped website today. We're offering a "Under Construction" Sale to thank our fabulous customers for their patience while we redecorate and restructure the place. Just use the coupon code UC and receive 15% off. Good till the 15th of October at 11:59PM

Ladies of E! Hollywood Weekly

One of our dresses was used on the cover of Hollywood Weekly September issue. Worn by Catt Sadler of E!, we think our Vintage 1960s One Shoulder Gown looks fabulous! (Second from left) :-)

Only 1 day left until The Sale At Specialist Auctions!

You heard it right! One more day!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Newly Listed Vintage Hats @ Glamoursurf & GlamourSavvy

We been busy at both GlamourSurf and GlamourSavvy listing hats! Whether you're going out for a night on the town or to the beach, add the perfect hat to top off your ensemble. We've got turbans, bucket hats and toques. There's even a wonderful 40's hat from Hattie Carnegie with shiny paillettes. We'll be listing more in the days to come, if you don't see something you like today, check back soon!

2 Days Until the Sale at Specialist Auctions!

Looking for that special something? Can't find what you're looking for? Try looking somewhere different, somewhere new, somewhere exciting! Check out the vintage sellers at The Sale at Specialist Auctions.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

3 days until The Sale At Specialist Auctions!

Need a vintage cocktail dress? We've got them! Want some vintage shoes, a hat or a purse? We've got them! Want to make your own custom vintage reproduction dress with a vintage pattern? We've got them! What about a vintage compact? We've got them! There's something for everyone!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wholesale Lot of Vintage 1970s Tops

#LOT-1- Lot of 10 Tops and Blouses - $15.00

Era - from the 70s, maybe early 80s

Measurements - assorted sizes, most fits 34 to 36 inch bust, a few bigger.

Fabric - mostly polyesters

This is a group of 10 vintage tops that I am doing in a wholesale lot to move them out of here quickly. I bought a load of vintage clothing and these were mixed in. I'm not a big fan of this timeframe so I chose some pieces to wholesale to someone who might appreciate the timeframe more than I do! It's a nice lot for resale or your own wardrobe. All of the tops have already been machine washed by me, none have been ironed. They are all in very good to excellent condition. I noticed a wear spot on the solid yellow top. I didn't see anything noticeable on any others, but there may be some small spots or seams that need stitching.

Box will weigh about 5 pounds. I can SQUEEZE the tops into a Flat Rate box for $9.80, or I can ship them Parcel Post if the rate turns out to be cheaper to your area. The closer you are to Jersey, the cheaper the shipping.

click image for larger view.
You can purchase the lot using the button above or visit the website - Wholesale Top Lot

Bye for now, Carol

4 days until the Sales Event At Specialist Auctions!

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Friday, September 26, 2008

New at Penelopepup's Vintage

Here's a quick peek at a few of our new items at www.PenelopepupsVintage.com.

Vintage 70's Gunne Sax Size XS

Vintage 80's Mondi Size M

Vintage 60's Mod Dress Size M

Vintage 80's Glitter Party Dress Size M

Looking for a great deal? Be sure to check out our sale section for big savings on sweet vintage!

Vintage EMILIO PUCCI at Rice and Beans Vintage!

Stunning Vintage 70's EMILIO PUCCI Silk Jersey Floral Print Dress w/EMILIO Signature at Rice and Beans Vintage!

Only 5 days until The Sale at Specialist Auctions!

Sale is October 1 through October 17. All items $30 (17 GBP) or less! Lots of new items listed!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New at Couture Allure!

All new at Couture Allure Vintage Fashion. Click the picture to see the listing!

Early 1960's Dan Millstein Balenciaga Adaptation suit:

1960's Black Velvet and Crepe Cocktail Dress:

1950's Black Sequin & Crepe Cocktail Dress:

1930's Blue Silk Velvet Dress:

1930's Black Jacquard Dress with Long Jacket:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Come on in, the vintage's fine!

Some of my new offerings at Living Doll Vintage~

Vintage Half Sleeve Forest
Green Swing Coat Mink Trim
Gunne Sax Renaissance Medieval
Peasant /Ethnic Maxi Dress

vintage 40's / 50's half sleeve green swing coat mink trim
Gunne Sax Renaissance Medieval Peasant Maxi Dress
Corset Lace Peasant Dress
Vintage 80's Sheer Red Floral
Crepe Petal Hem Peasant Dress

Darling Little DOLLYROCKERS Corset Lace Peasant Dress
vintage 80's sheer red floral crepe petal hem peasant dress

Many more coats, dresses and coordinating jewelry & accessories at Living Doll Vintage on Etsy!

Don't forget to check out the sale at Specialist Auctions

Sale is October 1 through October 17. All items $30 (17 GBP) or less! Lots of new items listed!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Coats, Coats & More Coats At The Mad Fashionista!

Hi, everybody -

Earlier this year, I had no coats in stock at all. Then suddenly, I'm still not sure how, I found myself up to my eyeballs in COATS! Every era, every size, almost every fabric! Here are some coats I have listed at the Mad Fashionista's Plus Size Boutique on Specialist Auctions. Check them out!

Gorgeous late 1930s Black Bengaline Evening Coat, size M/L:


Vintage 1960s Mod gray wool coat with Black Persian lamb trim and novelty collar close, size XL:


Vintage 50s Harris Tweed heavy wool coat with flannel lining and convertible collar, size L:


And this lovely reversible print raincoat which reverses to black satin, size M/L:


And there's more where that came from!


Beautiful Vintage, wonderful gift ideas, ...for you or someone you LOVE... inside ..Love me two times Vintage Boutique


press to enter.....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Meet the Vintage Fashion Guild

Meet the Vintage Fashion Guild

What is the Vintage Fashion Guild?
The Vintage Fashion Guild (VFG) is an international collective of people who are passionate and knowledgeable about vintage clothing. Founded in 2002 by a group of online vintage sellers, the group now also includes retail (brick-and-mortar) vintage sellers, stylists, designers, fashion editors, writers, journalists, vintage related bloggers, curators, researchers, historians and librarians of fashion history. The web site is our meeting place, and a place for the general public to explore many aspects of vintage fashion.

Why do people join VFG?
Our members are respected sellers and professionals, entitled to use the VFG logo, a symbol of trust and integrity recognized by buyers. Our site and its resources are constantly being updated and created by our members, providing an outlet for web publication. We strive to promote our member's work through featuring members on the home page, blogging about their accomplishments, featuring their books, and showcasing their offerings on our public forums and blogs. We are constantly thinking of new ways to promote VFG members.

How can people join VFG?
It is free to register on our public forums as a "visitor" of the VFG but if you are an experienced, professional seller, or are a vintage fashion professional in another field such as writing or museum work then you may want to take the next step and apply for trade membership.
There are guidelines for membership, which can be found on the membership applications.

What does VFG do for buyers?
This is summed up in our mission statement:
The Vintage Fashion Guild's mission is to become the international voice of the vintage fashion industry and its leading authority. Its objectives are to:
- Protect the interests of vintage vendors and encourage good practice.
- Elevate the standard of dependability among sellers to stimulate buyers' and collectors' confidence that items are accurately represented in terms of age, style, details and condition.
- Raise awareness of vintage fashion and provide a forum to bring together buyers and sellers.
- Establish a central educational resource available to both buyers and sellers.
- Create a positive environment for and enhance the image of vintage clothing.
- Encourage the conservation and wearing of vintage fashion to preserve the history, availability and survival of vintage clothing in future years. The VFG discourages the habitual practice of modifying or altering existing vintage to suit the current trend.
- Position vintage clothing as a viable, attractive and environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional fashion.

Where are you located?
You can find us at our website, http://vintagefashionguild.com/
and you can registerfor our public forums at: http://www.vintagefashionguild.org/forums

To learn more about VFG:
Our highly regarded blog: http://www.vintagefashionguild.blogspot.com/

The VFG Vintage Label Resource:

VFG Members:

Here is a sample of some of the items that you will find available for sale from Vintage Fashion Guild members -

1. A superb 'Big Biba' era suit in their trademark delicious deco print jersey - from Vintage-A-Peel

2. 1960’s Tapestry Purse - from Marian's Vintage Vanities

3. Striking Indonesian Batik print tunic dress - from Tangerine Boutique


5. 1930s Crinkled Silk Floral Print Top - from Shrimpton Couture

6. HERBERT LEVINE Vintage 50s SPRINGOLATORS Shoes w FLOWER - from Memphis Vintage

7. The Vintage Fashion Library

8. 1950s Polished cotton Hawaiian shirt from Hilo, Hawaii - from Woodland Farms Antiques

9. Lovely, blue cotton day dress with a plaid print in shades of wine, olive green, plum and golden yellow - from Nelda's Vintage

Sunday, September 21, 2008

the latest from The Family Vintage

We have recently come into a load of 1960's and 70's pieces from a sweet little old lady whose husband was employed with Butte Knit back in the day. A lot are insane men's pieces that he had custom made, but there are also a good amount of stunning women's pieces. We will be listing them slowly but surely. The first one pictured above is a Misty Harbor Limited Edition coat (The Coat of Qiana). The fabric is crazy gorgeous as is the heavily Asian inspired design. The second picture is the cutest pair of men's trousers, Arnold Craven label, embroidered with tiny tennis rackets and the word "love". Third is a stunning sage green Butte Knit cape coat (my personal favorite). The last coat is just a cutie pie find we ran across....slate blue princess cut coat with grey fur collar and an awesome set of buttons! Just click the poster above and visit our shop for a closer inspection of these amazing pieces. Hope everyone has a great week! -Adah

33% Off SUMMER items at Dandelion Vintage

Sale! 33% off of Dandelion Vintage's
SUMMER Clothing Pages -

Summer Clothing pg1 \ Summer Clothing pg2
Sale is for items on those 2 pages only - Shorts, swimsuits etc.
I will subtract the discount when you place your order.

Also New stock added this week at Dandelion Vintage - September 21st - purses, hats, coats & Capes - www.dandelionvintage.com/new.html

Bye for now, Carol

Costume-y Jewels at Chi-Chi and the Greek!!!

I don't know about anyone else, but the past full moon really messed with my life! Ugh, can't seem to find the energy to even drink ANOTHER cup of coffee. However I have managed to add some very interesting costume baubles....an Indian head, carved out of wood with brass and copper accents, Owl pendant, yeah the had their run, but this one is huge and has sparkle-y eyeballs, gorgeous Trifari, 3-dimensional brooch.
Check out more in our NEW ARRIVALS section!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Taisho romance Kimono...East Does Meet West !

This amazing Silk Floral Flapper 20s Taisho Romance Art Deco Kimono has
beautiful bright colors of hot pink, golden chartreuse, cornflower blue and black in a floral and foliage design. It's in the Taisho Romance style. I'd had many kimonos pass through my hands, but this one is very special. It's a wonderful blend of American and European Art Deco Moderne influenced, and the traditional Japanese aesthetic...

In 1912 the Taisho period began when the Meiji emperor died and his Crown Prince Yoshihito took the throne. In 1914 Japan declared war on Germany, joining the Allies in World War I, and began its international forays, including military interventions in China. The post WW1 era brought Japan much prosperity. It was time of new ideas, liberalism and power. By the late 1930's the Depression and internal politics eventually drove Japan back towards a more traditional nationalistic lifestyle in politics and art. But for a time......beautiful Western-influenced art and crafts were produced.

from a website.....

When looking at Japan’s long history, it’s easy to consider the brief 14 years of the Taisho period (1912-26) as a mere footnote. The emperor, Yoshihito, did not play an active role due to a lifetime of ill health. Yet during his brief reign, he sat as figurehead of a country reeling between the onslaught of foreign influences during the Meiji period and the radical conservatism and patriotic fervor that grew before World War II. In fact, the Taisho period was a fascinating and pivotal time,
an amalgam of contradictory social forces of East and West that saw the Japanese question their self-identity. Much of this was poignantly reflected in the lifestyles, fashion and arts of the time.
original site

on ebay listed by funkoma

click 70s chick to take you to my listings on ebay