Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Touch Of Mink

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Sometimes, while perusing thrift stores, flea markets, junk shops and estate sales, I will spot, at a distance, something out of the corner of my eye, that makes my heart skip a beat, and my mouth go dry, and my hands start to tingle from lack of oxygen.

I rush over, shove items out of the way, at which point, that odor, that oh so wonderful odor, that vintage items have, will hit my nostrils, and I will start to squeal.

And then it happens. Subtle, yet will never forget, I will realise I have found something TRULY stunning, that surpasses all the HUNDREDS of mid 60s to 80s trendy stuff I find, and I am grateful to have found something so classic, and historical, and effulgent.

And today ladies, I am proud to offer to you, my find of the year:

This is a mid to late 40s (more late 40s) 2 piece skirt and jacket suit set by Bettiejean Furred Fashion. It is made from a high quality sable brown wool (or wool blend) tweed with black flecks. It features dolman set bracelet length sleeves, black plastic buttons highlighted with brown paint and tweed centers decorate the front with a matching bow tie at collar, curved hem, lots of seams and darts to give it definition, belted back, nipped waist, and a pure MINK collar! The skirt is a simple below the knee length style with a full metal side zipper and two hook and eye closures.

The jacket is fully lined in a burnt sienna material, the skirt is lined in same but only in back of skirt. They are both in immaculate condition, with only one tiny moth hole on right rear shoulder, they are pristine, with only slight storage odor.

And for you buxom glamour girls, aren't you lucky? This can accommodate larger sizes, which is RARE in vintage! 42-34-42!!!! I am that size, but I realized upon trying it on, that in order to be comfortable and for it to curve your body appropriately, then you will need to wear proper foundation garments under it.

So please be sure to check this beauty out before it is too late, because a vintage item of this quality, condition, style, and size will NOT last long at this price! So don't miss out, because it is one of a kind!

We also have a 1950s/1960s era Champagne Satin Swing Opera Coat XL and a 1950s/1960s Black Bobbi Brooks Pleated Rockabilly Dress XL.

Stop by soon!

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