Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sydney's Vintage Clothing Opens in Auburn

Sydney's Vintage clothing has opened the doors and expanded her business located in Auburn, AL. I decided that it was time to offer my collection of inventory to the public on a showroom floor and we re-located to Auburn, AL to bring hot vintage fashion to War Eagle Country! I am located at 420 S Gay Street just one block behind the presidents home of Auburn University, a few doors down from the spectacular Amsterdam Cafe. At the moment the tentative store hours are from Mon.-Fri. 11-9 and Sat. 11-10. Stop by and say hello and if you found us on this blog, mention the "vintage bulletin" for a 10% discount of your total purchase!

Many of you have asked what does this mean for Glad you asked, this website will still be open for business and we will start adding more products, but the items on the website and the items on the showroom floor are two separate inventories! So all in all you have about 5000 items to choose from with more to come!! Fabulous vintage suits, vintage dresses, jewelry, etc.

Here is a peek on the inside of the showroom floor:


andapanda said...

Looks amazing! Good luck and congrats! Andrea

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

It looks so great. I love your displays above the racks, very eye-catching