Thursday, August 28, 2008

Project Runway - Cars

This week's challenge started on the roof of a parking garage with several cars, provided by advertiser Saturn of course. The cars were filled with materials that were used to make the cars, and the designers had to grab whatever they could out of the cars, and fill their little flea market carts (Those carts used to drive me crazy at the flea markets, shoppers use them as weapons and bulldozers to try to beat you to the good stuff, and it's impossible to get around them in a crowd) At first, I wasn't expecting much from this challenge because the materials were all tan and black with some shiny pieces here and there. But the resulting designs were actually quite good. Most of them anyway.
Leanne won this challenge with a dress sculpted from vinyl. Korto was in 2nd place with a jacket made from woven seatbelts, and Jerell was 3rd in a futuristic outfit made from vinyl and plastic silver trims - I didn't care for the model's make-up and hair though, it kind of took away from the outfit. Jerell is the only man who seems to occasionally do interesting designs this season. So far none of the men have really stood out or been consistant in their designs. My prediction is that the final 3/4 will be all gals. Korto has GOT to be in the finals because she usually provides a very good design.
Keith from the Utah Hood was out, finally. Did you feel sorry for all the mean things that you said about him after he cried at the end? No, neither did I. Next on my hit list - Blayne.

Of course I'm not going to be able to find any vintage clothing made from car materials to go with this week's post, so I took the easy route and found some cool items with car prints.

1. Vintage 70s Slinky Disco Novelty Antique Car Shirt - from Retrochic Vintage for $14.00.
2. Racing Print Paganne dress - from Dorothea's Vintage Closet.
3. 1950's~COTTON~Japanamai~BLOUSE~Made In JAPAN~CARS~Print - from Eclectic Collage.
4. Vintage Purse-Wooden Purse-Man, Woman, Car and Beads! from thetreasuredpast.

Bye for now, Carol

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Cara Mia said...

YES YES, Blayne it is!!!
He's off-o-licious!

Thank God I'm not the only person who thought Keith needed to pack his ego into his sewing bag and wave bye bye.

I enjoyed Jerell's futuristic vibe this challenge. I think Korto and Terri might have a boxing match at some point for added drama.

I love Stella's FU attitude, I hope they keep her on for a bit.

Great re-cap Carol, and fun items you have up for sale!
Cara Mia