Friday, August 22, 2008

Just 25 Seconds...That's all it Takes to Be Lovely!

Swirl--they're a favorite manufacturer of so many vintage lovers. It's no wonder that we like them. They're cute, easy to wear, flattering and loaded with the kinds of details that people who appreciate vintage dresses tend to adore.

Are you familiar with the label? You probably are. If you're not, there's a fabulous primer written by fuzzylizzie that you might want to read.

I'm keeping this fun dress and I have to admit that I'm excited about that. After all, it's got a fauxverskirt. (Sort of.) Wouldn't you know, I was just musing that I wanted a red dress? Surely this one isn't a Joan dress, but it fits me and it's pristine. It came to me with its original hang tag. When I got it, I had no intention of keeping it, but how can I let it go? Nevertheless, I feel like its new old stock status is a mixed blessing. A new dress is like a perfect apple just waiting for me to bruise it. I hope I can keep it neat and tidy and free of damage.

Check out the hang tags. There's something incredibly wonderful about the idea that in just 25 seconds, I'll be wonderful in this Swirl!

If you're mad at me for keeping this, don't worry, there's plenty of cute on that ought to make you look lovely in just 25 seconds. I just put up a few sunny Summer dresses. (Yeah, I know--Summer dresses just in time for Fall--not too bright, right? But, for pity's sake, we've still got 85 degree days and humidity here in the Midwest!)

Here are just few delights added to the site recently. All of the images are clickable.

Guess what? To celebrate my new Swirl dress, I'm offering you 15% off of your next order on All you need to do is use our coupon code--25secondswirl. Hurry! This offer expires on August 29th. That's right, you have just a few days to save on every lovely thing on lucitebox. Just 25 seconds...that's all it takes to be lovely.

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