Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hello...We are The Family Vintage

This is our first post here, so I suppose introductions are in order. Hello...We are The Family Vintage, and we have a lil' vintage clothing shop on Ebay. We have what we consider an eclectic mix of authentic vintage pieces, and new listings are added weekly. New sets are listed every Thursday and auctions run for 10 days. We also offer a few buy it now pieces. We ship Worldwide and we love to combine shipping!
This is a family run business. My husband and myself handle everything from rescuing clothing to photography, shipping, get the point. This venture came about after our first daughter was born. We really had a desire to stay home with our kids. We now have two amazing daughters. One is 4 and the youngest is 2 soon to be 3! It's a challenge, but definitely worth it.
We love to treasure hunt for clothing and have been thrifting since we could drive ourselves about. My husband's vintage lovin' roots spring from his punk rock garage band days. My own come from a love of 60's and 70's rocker chic filtered through the 90's grunge scene. Plus I've always had a love of the fashion in classic, iconic films and television shows.....thanks to my Grandma Dot and her belief that children watch what the grown-ups want to watch and not the other way around.
We pride ourselves on our customer service, so if you ever have a question about an item please don't hesitate to email. Enough blah, blah, is a small sample of what's available in our shop now. Thanks for looking: )

Kisses From The Family

white floral print denim 1980's paper bag waist mini skirt

some 80's slouchy dropped crotch craziness...Gitano jumpsuit

pretty pretty 1970's sheer eyelet lace blouse

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