Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ever Wonder About Upside Down Labels?

Did you ever see a label sewn into the back neckline of a vintage garment upside down? Did you think it was a mistake? Did you think, "Wow, how did that slip by quality control?" Or maybe you thought, "Granny was messing around in her sewing box again." In truth, those labels are sewn in upside down for a reason. You usually see it on the highest quality garments, like this 1940's coat available at

The Jordan Marsh label is sewn in upside down at the back of the neck. Jordan Marsh was one of the fine old department stores here in Boston. This coat probably came from one of their boutique shops. But why did they sew the label in upside down?

Look what happens when the coat's owner takes it off and throws it over the back of her chair! The Jordan Marsh label is now right side up, so everyone in the room knows where madame bought this coat and that she paid a pretty penny for it. Just a little friendly competition among girlfriends! And some not so subtle advertising for the store.

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Miss Victory said...

haha! No way. I never even thought of it. Great little snippet there. I feel like giving you a cookie!