Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dreamy Wedding Bliss

For years I've used my past drama students as models for eBay. So when my very earliest models(sisters) made it back home for Alayna's wedding, I took full advantage. I dream about vintage clothing. I dream about how my pictures should look. And I saw this..........

Alayna is on the end in the cream and rhinestone 70's gown. Her sister Lisa is kneeling. You know Kelsey on the end in the sheath, and Sheila. You may also recognize Lila sitting. (Sheila's lil girl).

Missing in action is Seleena, who is very pregnant and Sarah, who is off charming Grand Forks.

Lovely Lisa has not lost her bliss. It's been years since she stood before me and the camera.

Alayna gets married this Saturday.

hugs and love from panda~


Sgean said...

That is gorgeous, both photography and model!!!!
(and of course clothes) beeeeutiful!

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

Wow, very pretty pictures!
Best wishes to Alayna.