Monday, August 4, 2008

Best response to no response? ebay,way

Don't get me wrong, I love vintage clothes, I don't mind paying what they are worth ---- I love history and I love buying those tiny pieces of time in a cloth! However I just have to vent right now about my ebay frustration!!! I bought 3 dresses on ebay. (no name on seller I will vent on my own blog other places) said combined shipping, 3-4 dol per addt'l item. So I purchased. Now the invoice I get says 25.80 for total shipping for 3 lightweight dresses (not formals, lightweight day dresses) she is overcharging by hmmm almost 9 dollars from what org post said. I've sent emails over a 4 day period now. Requesting correct amount. Or at least tell me you've determined this is it period. Don't just not respond. Seller has many many transactions, vintage seller (granted with many stains etc but I noticed they were noted for the most part on feedback) --- but I CAN'T GET HER TO RESPOND TO MY EMAILS. Zero, zip nada one respond! But I'm not just blithely paying her excessive shipping by her lack of response. I did go back further further on and read in the last six months (now that I have experienced no response) she has gotten that complaint six times (doesn't respond comb shipping not correct) She also updated her existing ebay listings as of today ---- to not show 3-4 dollars on each item combined. just generic combined discount. Hmmmm
So what does one do? Pay the hiefer? Gritch on a blog? I suppose decide how badly i want these dresses (they weren't stupendous they were 70's hippie a theme for me at present time) 50's prom? I'd pay it and shutitup:) Sigh. Very unique? Again with the shutup and pay. But they're fairly generic hippie just what appeared to be a decent price, ones I didnt have. hmmm I answered myself. I'm just not excited about those little suckers now. I don't like being misled. and not responded to.
Most of the sellers I've purchased from on ebay? Wonderful, love vintage, know far more than I and great experiences. Sigh. (PS I just loved the above photo, it's gran and she was a hoot) Wish I had her clothes.
Read read and learn learn.
PS Carol thank you for the blog, it's great I love love seeing the amazing stupendous clothes other are lucky to have!


Five and Diamond Vintage said...

Can't you contact ebay safe-harbor about this?
My understanding is that they have become much more buyer-friendly than seller-friendly. For instance Buyers can leave negative feedback but sellers can't. I sold on ebay for 9 years with absolute perfect feedback --- but now they have gotten too big for their britches and not seller-friendly enough.

Your seller should be aware of this and be trying her best to make a happy customer. She is one of the people who give all sellers a bad rap/rep (whatever)--charging exhorbitant shipping.

Good luck.

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

I don't sell on ebay anymore, but I do shop, and one of my biggest complaints is shipping charges. I don't mind paying like a $1 handling fee. But I really don't like being charged $10 to ship a dress and get it shoved in an inside-out Tyvek and shipped at a First Class rate for $4.00.

I once bought several lots of dresses from someone who claimed to combined shipping. But he only took like a $1 off each lot. His shipping charge was double the actual cost. Then he called me a whiner when I asked him about it.

Today on my site, I accidently overcharged a gal on shipping. She questioned it and I fixed it. But I felt so bad, I hope she didn't think it was deliberate. I make money selling clothing, not by overcharging on shipping.

Sgean said...

I really feel bad even using ebay feedback it has been so abused, so no I don't intend to use it against the seller, I have no real clue as to what might be happening in her life to maybe cause her to miss emails (for the last six months regularly) and after venting I felt fine:)(thank U blog) I have actually went ahead, paid and then deleted her from my favorite sellers. I will make a comment about unreturned emails. neutral and leave it. I started thinking perhaps she has a terminal illness and cannot get to it???. Or she's just a creep and I learned a lesson. After venting I can take the high road. And I have a hippie dress on that road to look at! so it ain't all that bad:) a lesson. one of life's less painful ones even.

andapanda said...

I do combine shipping, but ebay will calculate full shipping costs, not the discount I offer and have set up in my ebay store. I catch this all the time and send a correct invoice. I refund shipping as well.
Hate to say this, but so many are in this just to make a quick buck.

Look for sellers who have good feedback and comments on shipping in those feedbacks.

Amy said...

Be sure to use the stars to let her know how you feel about the transaction. Poor marks for communication and shipping charges.

Sgean said...

Thanks all!