Saturday, July 5, 2008

What I Did For Vintage...I Danced!

Hi -

Back in February, I turned my blog, "Diary Of A Mad Fashionista," into a live show. I played the Fashionista in all of her vicious glory, and even got profiled in the New York Times Styles section!

I'd had a sort of urge to do a parody of "What A Feeling" from Flashdance, so the night we taped the show itself in March, the videographer, Alvin Tsang, and I stayed late and taped me jumping around like a jackass. (I got in a lot of trouble for pouring water on the stage!)

You see, a year or two ago there was a sort of blow-up over a 1967 Christian Dior cheetah coat with otter collar and cuffs that a lucky Ebay seller had found. The unlucky part was, she couldn't sell it, because it was made of not one, but two endangered species! So, she attempted to pass it off as pony printed fur with mink collar and cuffs, but everyone knew it was a bluff. There was much kerfuffle about it, and it stuck in my mind. When I needed a dramatic conflict for my show (there HAS to be a dramatic conflict), I remembered the Dior coat. So in the show itself, the Fashionista and a rival seller bid for the coat at a live auction. The unthinkable happened--the Fashionista was outbid. However, all turned out well at the end. I purchased a cheap faux leopard vintage coat on Ebay, and bought some dark brown faux fur, and my wonderful mother cut, sewed and glued it onto the coat.

Recently I got the DVD from the fateful night we taped, and the rest is, uh, history. Or something.

Enjoy! And remember, the selling mistakes you make may be forever immortalized in the Name of Art.



Andrea said...

Hi Elsia!!
Great fun. Thanks for sharing!!~Andrea

Jen said...

you are a riot...leopard coats will never be the same for me!

Hoardmeister said...

Heh eventual goal is world domination.