Friday, July 11, 2008

Updates to the Posting Guide for this blog

I'd just like to thank everyone who has been contributing to the blog. I look forward to checking out the new posts each day. Our hits are increasing, so the popularity is growing. If anyone has some statistic about hits that they receive from the blog, I'd like to know them.

As more people join, I've had to create some new rules about posting. I know, rules suck. So let's just call them 'guidelines'

I like to keep at least 15 recent posts on the first page. There is an archive for old posts too, so your posts will be saved forever. Since so many posts show on the front page, we need to keep the page loading time in mind.
If you are posting about one item, include 1 to 4 photos of that item. If you are posting multiple items, you can post photos of up to 6 items. Please keep the images under 350 pixels wide and file sizes under 65K. Use a JPG optimizer to make your files smaller. If you have big, slow loading photos, people aren't going to wait for them to download.
The best thing to do is to upload your images to blogger. In the editor, just click on the little photo next to spellcheck to upload your images. That way, you can resize the photos, the photos become clickable to see the larger image, they will be stored in your post forever, and they won't take up space in your own photo storage.

Be sure to include your store link or website link in EVERY POST, and don't forget the direct links to the items that you are posting about. The idea of posting here is to get people to your items as easily as possible.

Please remember -
Only ask to join the blog if you intend on posting. This is not a links page. I also don't accept requests to post about your items or feature your store. The items that myself or anyone else posts about in this blog are items that they have chosen to post about. I pick random items to post about and interview sellers that I've kinda 'known' online.

No negative comments about other sellers, buyers, blogs, celebrities etc. I don't mind very vague references, but no naming names or listing auction numbers. That's slander (whether it's true or not) and ultimately I'm responsible for whatever appears on this blog.

From now on, new member's links will be added to the sidebar after you make your first post. I am currently not adding any more sellers to the RSS feed.
There is a limit (set by on how members can join the blog. The limit is 100 and we are at 48 now. So to remain a member, you need to make at least one post a month, and you must post a link to this blog somewhere to help promote it. I'm not going to enforce those rules right now, but eventually it will come to that when we reach the member limit.

The Vintage Bulletin reserves the right to refuse or delete membership to the blog.
The Vintage Bulletin reserves the right to delete posts that are deemed inappropriate.

Hope that doesn't sound too bitchy, but I want the blog to be fun and easy for everyone, including myself.

Thanks, Carol


Anonymous said...

Very helpful Carol, thank you.

Erica_Big_Blond_Boomer said...

Quite right Carol, sensible rules to benefit everyone. Not bitchy at all.

Thanks for all your work on this interesting blog.

Kind regards

Erica Armstrong
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