Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Vintage Pet Peeves!

Hi -

No, these aren't pet peeves that are vintage (more than twenty years old) or I'd be writing in my journal. These are some of my pet peeves about vintage clothing, the vintage business, and the way vintage clothing is treated. They are in no particular order, just as they occur to me.

1) All of those makeover shows that make the victims THROW AWAY their vintage clothing, in favor of "vintage-inspired" looks. We all know it's because thrift stores can't afford the same product placement fees that the boutiques who get so prominently featured can! Otherwise, you'd see "makeover buddies" go shopping at the nearest Goodwill.

2) The word "babydoll" applied to vintage clothing. Come on, folks, it's getting ridiculous...I mean, they didn't even USE the word "babydoll" for clothing until a few years ago. The original 60s movie "Baby Doll" was an epic flop and didn't influence fashion in the slightest...and if you've ever happened to see it, it's a pretty lousy movie. Now we see babydoll coats, babydoll dresses, babydoll shirts, babydoll trousers...WTF???

3) Vintage clothing lovers with no sense of humor. Somehow when you put "vintage clothing" together with "it's a joke", it can swing wide of the mark, hit the foul pole, and bounce back and smack you in the head. Boy, that was some metaphor! In other words, my bad.

4) Beautiful items like this that sit, unsold, in your store. I'm sure that's a peeve I share with many sellers. I wrote earlier that it was a silk novelty print, but you need a close-up to see that the roses are actually little corsages with safety pins. In any event, it's gorgeous:

5) That the Best Offers I've been getting on this great vintage Gucci bag are so low I've had to crouch to turn them down (ending soon on Ebay):

6) That when I tried to list this great vintage YSL Rive Gauche linen 80s dress (size 38 - that's small/medium to you) on Ebay, it wouldn't let me!

However, it is now listed at my store on SA, Mad Fashionista's Plus Size Boutique:

Now that I've gotten all of that off of my substantial chest, I'm off to deal with my last pet peeve:

7) Shipping. Need I say more?

aka Mad Fashionista's Plus Size Boutique


Meghan said...

Baby Doll was first used in the late 80's for the babydoll dresses that filled the pages of SASSY Magazine and many cute grunge girls (worn with Combat boots or Dr. Martins. Not sure how it's being used now.
I have been seeing that style of dress worn with leggings with many people. It looks cute on a girl in her 20's, but just plain silly one someone that wore it the first time around...
Great blog.

margie said...

babydoll has been around for awhile and not a recent phrase, although it is overused these days. babydoll dress and babydoll nighties have been around since the 1960s and it doesn't have anything to do with the movie.