Saturday, July 12, 2008

Letting go is hard to do

Good day readers! Do you ever really miss something sold and long gone? I mean really miss? Case in point this killer 50's gown.

I bought it from a vintage seller perhaps 8 years ago. It graced the stage for fashion shows and became the center of attention when I promo myself.

Then, seeing that my "Love" was hard on her, I sold it someone in the United Kingdom.

I wonder how she's doing today!

Which brings me now to my current "Love". This sheer tulle net 30's dress. I can't bring myself to list it.




onece again, weel done !

I wish you a great evening
cheers from Paris


Hoardmeister said...

Gorgeous!!! I remember that logo well!

I sold one of my personal favorite dresses, a 1940s crepe gown with a huge lace collar and elbow length sleeves edged in velvet and then bells of more black lace. In the days when I could fit into it, I worked at a 1940s themed nightclub. When it was my turn to hostess (the other nights I was dressed as a Vargas girl), I would wear the black dress with a huge corsage, ala Bette Davis in 'Now Voyager,' with my hair piled up. I met my first love that way...he said it was the nape of my neck that caught his eye!

Times of Glory said...

Dear, I totally understand! I cannot recycle my clothes now! It can break my heart and I'm soooooo sure at some point I will regret badly xxxxxxxxx

Cara Mia said...

It's beautiful, don't list! I've listed some killer psychedelic 60's dresses that I wish I had today. :)

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

That lace dress is fabulous, I'd have to hang onto that for awhile too.
The only dress that I ever really wish that I still had was a black silk foral applique Patullo-Jo Copeland dress. I don't know why I miss it though, besides the fabulous style, I have nowhere to wear it!

Sgean said...

Hold on loosely and dont let go:)

Lauren said...

Oh my yes, keep that gorgeous dress! I think every vintage lover has at least a few items that they lament parting with, and I'm no exception. Mostly items that I really liked at the time, but after selling it my like turned into all-out love. You know how personal fashion phases ebb and flow. My new motto is if I truly love an item I'm keeping it foreverrrr. Or passing it on to friends/family so I can borrow it later. Hah hah, I'm actually sending a vintage sun dress to my sister this week that I have been loving on for almost 10 years. We'll see how long it takes for me to want to borrow it!