Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Help Me! I'm Drowning in Lace!!!!!

For some reason I hit a Bonanza of 50's and 60's Lace robe's a couple of weeks ago. And I've written so much about lace this week that I'm dreaming of lace........lots and lots of girly, frilly, and gorgeous lace. Now I'm not a Lacy type person. I much prefer a more tailored look but.........some of this lace is so beautiful it could change my mind. The 2 robes on top are both from Aristocraft. The one on the left has a wide Pansy Flower motiff, the one on the right is a smaller lace with lots of layers and so sheer and frilly.

And then there are the Odette Barsa's.........I managed to get 4 of these. Now, we have all seen this Classic Odette Style. She did it for years and in various lengths and color combinations, always using the same design and the same signature Roses and Bows lace. But this is the first time I've had so many different ones in my hands at the same time. And I just had to share the differences. The top photo are both blue with pink lace. But the blues are different and the pinks are different. The ones on the bottom are both pink.....but so different you wouldn't think they were related.............but they are.

I'm in the process of listing all of these beauties this week, (Plus a few more that I didn't mention) so be on the look out at cemetarian on eBay.


Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

I think that I've had more varieties of this Odette Barsa robe than any other vintage garment.
I've had it in pink, blue and ivory. Bedjacket, midlength and floorlength too.
They are really very pretty and feminine and the lace is nice, especially with the ribbon running through it. Good quality too.
Everyone should have an Odette Barsa robe!

CEMETARIAN We Dig Memories said...

Yes, everyone should and I have 4........LOL