Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hats that flop, hats that fly or skim and dip

I love hats, love hats love hats love hats. Recently found a wonderful 60's mannie head (see left) she has big beautiful eyes, ala Goldie Hawn from the early years, tiny bow mouth, sigh. I paid too much for her but love the look just the same, found a wonderful floppy hat - Christian Dior, blue with velvet band, still with store tags. She is beeeeeutiful:)
The hat on the right was hiding in a box under a table, minus the rose pin, along with the mannie head. They work well together. My most dool worthy hats are still cloche's --- however, the Christian Dior w/tags chapeaux is right up at the top of my new list of favorites (updated daily).
I'm updating all my gauzy white summer dresses with old rose dinner napkins tho so looking for new mannequin heads will need to be put on hold for a bit!

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