Wednesday, June 18, 2008

When Real Life Meets Vintage...

There are times when life veers out of control...not as bad as anything like a life-threatening illness or my house being caved in by a tree. But personal problems that suddenly put business on a very far back burner.

However, when you run your own business, you haven't got a lot of choice about how far back that burner goes. For instance, I had to leave town very suddenly last week, and I had three packages to mail out from my Ebay store. Fortunately, where I was staying there was a computer (pardon my syntax), so I was able to put my store on vacation and email my buyers. But other than that, all I wanted to do was lie in a dark room and be left alone. I still feel that way, but now I'm back and there are piles and racks of vintage clothing demanding my attention. Particularly the vintage bathing suits I need to photograph and put up at my Specialist Auctions store, which I renamed The Mad Fashionista's Plus Size Boutique. (I realized the old title would never get picked up by a search engine, and really, isn't that all we really want out of life?)

But, I'm on the computer, you can't see me sitting in my underwear (lucky you) so imagine me in clean clothes with a big smile on my face, and here are some nifties from my Ebay store, Elisa's Bodacious House of Style:

Pink Cotton Print 60s Day Dress, XXL:

Taffeta Moire' Skirt, XL:

Estate Faux Pearl Double Strand Choker Necklace (doncha love it when the seller spells it 'chocker'? That's right up there with sequence for sequins):

So go buy something from one of my stores and make me feel better. Or don't.


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