Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Fun At Main Street Mall Online

Over on the Main Street Vintage mall site Alley Cats Vintage has been busy listing items. Three of her summer fun treasures to be found there include:

1) This Vintage 1980s Playsuit Set Romper and Over-Skirt B34 suggests fun in the sun for sure!

There is a one piece playsuit with elastic in the bodice, waist and drawstring bloomer legs. It buttons up the front with tie string shoulder straps which makes it adjustable. The elastic waist measures 22 - 28 inches, hips are 38 inches, bust is 34 inches and total length is 21 inches.

The A-line skirt has a section of elastic in the back waist, and buttons up the front. The waist measures 28 inches, hips are at least 42 inches and total length is 28 inches.

The fabric is a heavy cotton/linen blend, hand washable. The background color is a cream with black, and brown. The pattern is like an Indian or Western style pattern.

The condition is excellent, showing almost no wear.

Alley Cats Vintage

2) Just in case there is a little rain this Vintage Winston-Salem Journal NC Comic News Paper Fabric Umbrella will come to your rescue!

This is a darling vintage umbrella done with comic fabric. It is comic strips from the Winston-Salem New Journal in North Carolina. There is Peanuts, Blondie, Dennis the Menace, Beetle Bailey, Garfield, The Family Circus and several others. The handle is wood and the center rod is a thick metal.

The only condition issue is a bend on one of the inside spikes and the metal rod on the top shows a little rust, plus a few dirty spots on the fabric. Closed it stands 35 inches.

Alley Cats Vintage

3) And, where ever you are, this Wonderful 1960s SOS Red White & Blue High Crown Beach Hat will help keep the sun under control!

The hat band is a thick wrap of what looks like fishing net. Up the side is a gold cord with red, white & blue felt SOS and at the bottom is a red & white plastic ship wheel.

The upturned brim is banded in navy and red.

The fabric is a synthetic straw done in a sand color.

The condition is just excellent, showing very little wear if any.

No inside label and it measures 22 inches and it stands 6 inches high.

Alley Cats Vintage

Visit Mainstreet Vintage, Main Street Patterns, and Main Street Mall Online, for your summer fun today!

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