Sunday, June 8, 2008

Some Great Plus-Size Vintage Over At SA!

It is so hard to wean myself off Ebay (or the Evil Empire, as I like to call it). First of all, there's a lot of instant gratification, even if I'm selling for pennies what could be selling for real money. That was one of the after-effects of doing the Manhattan Vintage Show--saying to someone, "That dress is $135" and they pay it without blinking. I'd be lucky to get $24.99 on Greedbay. Don't worry, this is not going to be a big rant. I do that on my own blog (and so much more eloquently, too!). So here are a few of a plus-size yummies I have over on Specialist Auctions, at The Mad Fashionista's Vintage & Modern:

Last night I listed a gorgeous Paul Parnes wiggle dress, and even though it measured smaller, it fit my mannequin, Bodicea (who is 43-32-45 and six feet tall; in the mannequin biz, she's called "plus size") perfectly. If she was a real person and moved around, it would move with her. (If she did move, however, I would know that I forgot to take my meds). It is polished cotton, lined in blue silk, and the draped neck is held in place by a fabric-covered weight in the middle!

For those who like their dresses a bit more modest, this is a cotton poplin dress with tan piping and a faux button front, XXL:

And there is this gorgeous 1940s cotton jacket dress. The very modern style is a sleeveless dress under a jacket, with simply amazing rhinestone-studded embroidery on both the dress and jacket! Perfect for an occasion where you have to go from indoor air condition to outdoor heat. Also XL:

You know, I have no idea if vintage buyers read this blog...but hey, a girl can hope, can't she?


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