Monday, June 9, 2008

Plus Size Vintage Lingerie from Dandelion Vintage

The Friday before Memorial Day weekend, we stopped by the house of antique dealers who usually have yard sales at their house in the Summer. We were disappointed to see that they weren't having a sale that day, so we headed over to a local church sale. Nothing good there, but we saw the dealer whose house we had stopped at earlier. She told my Dad that she had a china cupboard similar to one he had bought from her last year, so we followed her back to her house.
The couple have a large property with an old farmhouse on it, two large pole barns and several storage sheds on the property. I told my Dad that I would never tease him about his yard looking like a junk yard anymore - these people had furniture, old statues, rusty old cars and even two junkyard dogs - a big white fluffy one and a little old beagle (you know how beagles yell)
The pole barn was loaded floor to ceiling with all kinds of furniture from Victorian to the 1950s. I poked around looking at all of the furniture and I spotted a child's wicker set, but that wasn't for sale, of course. I also looked at two early 1900s cloth covered dress forms with the cages at the bottom - but those were priced too high for me. I did end up buying a wicker desk, which surprised me when they said the price was only $75, cause they're usually high with their prices.

I had previously told the lady that I was interested in vintage clothing and she said that she had a bag of stuff for me in her house. I happily dug through the bag and found some great pieces of vintage lingerie that she had bought 'somewhere' I was really excited to see that the pretty pieces were really great sizes - 46-50 busts!

Check out all 11 pieces of Plus Sized Lingerie Here - there are 2 1940s rayon nightgowns, several nylon slips and two fuzzy nightgowns. Most of them are unworn with tags.
It was a small purchase, but I was thrilled with my desk and with the vintage clothing goodies which also included some head scarves and hankies and some Super bright seamless stockings

Check out the desk that I bought, along with a cool vintage beach towel in my personal blog. It's perfect for my lap top and it has a shelf underneath to keep my sewing machine on. I love it, it fit in perfectly, like it was meant to be.

Bye for now, Carol

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