Thursday, June 5, 2008

Olga On Main Street

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"Olga Erteszek, designer and founder of the Olga lingerie along with her husband Jan, a lawyer, came to the United States in 1941. Fleeing Poland and the invading Nazi Army, the young 20 somethings left their family and most possessions. After emigrating to Russia and then Japan, they both eventually secured a visa and landed in California.

"As the daughter of a corsetiere, Olga worked in a sweatshop making girdles and brassieres, and Jan found work in sales. One day she spotted a woman on a trolleywith hosiery rolled to her knees. She said to Jan that it was a shame that women didn’t have at least some bit of finery to hold up their stockings, something to make them feel feminine no matter how sever the sacrifices or their conditions were during the war effort. Jan encouraged her to create something herself to facilitate the woman, so with a $5.00 sewing machine rental and $5.00 of material, she got started."

From these humble beginnings the business grew into America’s leading maker of fashionable lingerie, sleepwear and loungewear. Anyone involved with vintage clothing has probably run across at least one Olga nightgown. The sweeping, flowing style is unmistakable.

Vintage Olga Underwire Lace Rose Nightgown Sz 36

Vintage Olga Underwire Lace Rose Nightgown Sz 36 Found at Alley Cat's Vintage (click the image to view the listing), the above item is described as:

"This is a wonderful vintage 1980's Olga Nightgown, style number 92240. The color is a deep subtle rose or dark pink. The bust is lace underwire cups with stretch lace shoulder straps. The body is just a solid nylon flare. The condition is excellent, freshly cleaned and ready to wear. No issues to report."

Lucious Blue Olga Nightgown Size Large

Lucious Blue Olga Nightgown Size Large One of A Southern Shindig's (click the image to view the listing) many listings, the description for this item is:

"Who doesn't love an Olga nightgown? This one is style 9291 and is in mint condition. The bodice is nylon/spandex so it will fit snugly. The skirt is all nylon with a sweep of 120". It is beautiful and I see no flaws. It doesn't even appear to have been worn."

The Olga line of Spandex blend nightgowns was most successful for several decades and because they were so well made, and so well loved by their owners, many of these nightgowns have survived the years to provide a renewed passion for style and quality as they are found and, once again, treasured!

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katie said...

careful with the wikipedia 'facts' they aren't always fact checked for accuracy.
on the other hand, those are both beautiful! i love olga's and i've been lucky enough to find a few.