Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gosh What Fun !

I listed 2 fun vintage dresses this week! I so remember white pique in the Sandra Dee ! and continuing the fun and fresh theme in this adorable pic-nic ready dress is the assortment of polished cotton patches in mid-tone pastels, spotted with white dots. Oh and that's not all ! 2 of the patches are pockets.....and to finish you off with's ringed with white daisy dimensional trim!

Gee, I think I need a bologna sandwich and some Kool-Aid !


Still tons of fun, but a bit more this yummy gray polished cotton party dress printed allover with pink bows and sketched black and white rose bouquets.
the neckline is a peek a boo design with bias strips knotted in the center and applied round the curve of the neckline!

A fitted bodice and a dropwaist take you back to a warm weather dinner date in the sensible 50s!


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