Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Free Shopping Spree Draw

From Now Through
October 31, 2008
Free Shopping Spree Draw

Main Street Mall Online (MSMO - pronounced Miz-Mo) is giving away a free shopping spree to three lucky shoppers to use for shopping at participating MSMO stores. From now until October 31, 2008, every customer that purchases from a participating MSMO store will receive a free entry in a drawing to be made November 1st, 2008 -- this includes all stores in both Main Street Patterns (our Sewing, Patterns, Fabric & Needlework mall) and Main Street Vintage (our Vintage Clothing & Accessories mall). Three shopping sprees will be awarded by chance drawing:

1st Shopping Spree value: $75.00
2nd Shopping Spree value: $50.00
3rd Shopping Spree value: $25.00

These shopping spree amounts will only be useable for purchases at participating MSMO stores. You can spend them all at one store or split them between stores; just pay the difference if your total purchase exceeds the value of the shopping spree. Summer is a great time to shop at MSMO and you could end up with a little something extra just in time for Christmas shopping too!

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