Saturday, March 29, 2008

eVintage Blog Tag - Color My World

I was tagged by Funkoma Vintage for this week's eVintage Society Blog Tag
The theme this week is Colors.


I choose some great Green items from other sellers -

From Sweet Cherry Vintage - it's green, it's ombre, it's pleated and it's from Van Raalte! I totally love it. I'm a big fan of Van Raalte and this is a great example of their fabulous-ness in lingerie design -

From Catbooks1940s - a knockout green Hawaiian dress. It's got a draped bullet bodice and faux sarong skirt. Do you hear Summer calling you?

From Love Me Two Times - a super dramatic green and yellow chiffon dress with angel sleeves and maribou trim - you'll be a Springtime goddess at any party in this gown!

From Fast Eddie's Retro Rags - a Kerrybrooke lambswool blend sweater. It's green and it has a sailor style to it, and I happen to be totally obsessed with the Sailor look, so I really like this sweater!

From Dorothea's Closet - a perfect bag for Spring - it's a chartruese green silk handbag by Garay (love them) Such a great color! Very 1940s. I want it.

Follow the tag over to Vintage Joy -

Bye for now, Carol

Friday, March 28, 2008

eVintage Blog Tag - Bare Your Sole

Time for the weekly eVintage blog tag!

I chose some great shoes from other sellers for this post, since I gabbed about my own shoes in my Jersey Girl blog last week.

First is a great pair of Yellow & Clear DeLiso Debs with Jewels on the toes, from Decadence Past - Sparkle sparkle!

Next are a pair of 1960s Gold Embroidered Mesh evening shoes from Andapanda's Vintage Clothing - Classy!

A pair of 1950s Gold Metallic Leather High Heels from Catbooks1940s - Fierce!

And we'll finish off with a pair of 1970s T-Strap Dancing shoes from Fast Eddie's Retro Rags - Dancing Queen, young & sweet!

Bye for now, Carol

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vintage auctions & listings you dont want to miss

All of us at Love me two times Boutique!... will be listing so much Vintage this week!!...

and YOU certainly don't want to miss out!

all auctions and listings are scheduled to start at 10 pm est and various listings are added throughout the day!

All items are also available in the walk in ...Love me two times boutique, therefore BID at once and BID high... once its gone its gone forever!

I thank you so much for All your business!

and... NO reasonable best offer is ever refused ..try!

I look forward to adding more and more of the finest VINTAGE to your collection!

Cheers Angelina.. go shop!

this is Love me two times Boutique!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Silver Screen Movie Star Shares Fashion

Gretchen Young meets the silver screen, born in Salt Lake City, Utah, her mom moved her and two sisters to Hollywood at the age of three. At age 14 after a bit appearance in the Colleen Moore vehicle Naughty But Nice (1927). Gretchen changed her name to Loretta Young. Take a look at this video of multi Emmy award winner, (1954, 1956 and 1958) Loretta, the fashion is to die 4! (not literally), but it is simply breathtaking.

What beauty, and the clothes are fascinating too! Not only do I want to share this video with you but also a few magazine photos of Loretta in color, see the vintage clothing treasures.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vintage Clothing, Textile & Jewelry Auction in PA

Andi Charkow presents:
Saturday March 29, 2008 10:00 AM
345 S. Warminster Rd. Hatboro, PA
Check the website for more info about the auction, photos and downloadable list of items to be auctioned off -

It looks like there is some good stuff, I see several things that I'd like to grab for myself!
Bye for now, Carol

Monday, March 17, 2008

Lovely Liquid Satin

Hello! We just listed a gorgeous yellow liquid satin 1940s gown that was worn in a wedding by the matron of honor, complete with the matching gloves and bustle. In doing research on it we came across some perfectly lovely gowns as well and thought you'd like to see them.

The utterly fantabulous designer Fred Perlberg did some fantastic variations of the liquid satin (also known as slipper satin) evening gown, and we found a few at Alley Cats Vintage:

Alley Cats also has another gown, done in the Perlberg style;
which is quite reminiscent of ours, from Purse Diva Vintage;

These gowns are highly sought after and actually pretty hard to find, we understand. They are done in a lovely heavy satin that has such a wonderful feel. We think 1940s slipper satin is such a unique and interesting fabric, as well as neat pieces of fashion history, that we just wanted to share.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Research Tool

I have this dress:

It is by Henry Rosenfeld.
I wanted to do just a bit of research so I typed the name into google.
I use google all the time like most of you do.
Low and behold there were three, count them 3 articles from TIME.
There are NEVER are articles from TIME in my searches.
I have a feeling TIME's archives have recently went online or are just showing up in the searches.
All I have to say is they are a treasure trove of information on designers.
This article is from 1946 is about Henry Rosenfeld, sadly there are no photos with the articles.
Here is a funny little article wondering Why Are Women's Clothes so Expensive?
Men through the ages have darkly —and vociferously—suspected that they do. They cannot possibly see how a few straps of leather, sewed together and called a shoe, can justifiably cost $50; how a few sequins and a wispy veil, stuck on a postage-stamp hat, can be worth $80; or how any dress can cost $300 or more. To the cynical male, the answer is only all too obvious: the value of women's clothes is determined only by what silly women (and acquiescent men) are willing to pay for them.

Silly women?
TeeHee, things don't change.

Julie~Damn Good Vintage

Vintage Eyecandy

If you love vintage clothing, especially Dior and
Lanvin and
Balenciaga then go spend some time
at BygoneFashion over on Live Journal.
Beautiful, amazing vintage fashion.
Luscious photographs.
This post of the photographs of Henry Clarke is just too divine for words.
(be careful it is image heavy and maybe too much for you guys on dial-up)
Look at the sleeves on this
Balenciaga suit.
Julie~Damn Good Vintage

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

evintage Blog Tag - Dress a Movie Star

It's time for the eVintage Society's Blog Tag! I'm starting the tag this week.

Well, I chose an item from Dorothea's Closet for this tag. It's a shimmering bronze silk velvet 1930s dress with deco rhinestone & glass buttons and knot-tie collar. Sash at waist has rhinestone studded silver buckle. And it's a great size! 40" bust, 32" waist, 44" hips, 18" bodice, 9" sleeves, 47" long
See more photos here -

I could see Myrna Loy wearing this dress in any number of her movies - The Thin Man, Libeled Lady, Wife vs Secretary, Double Wedding, I Love You Again.

It's just a perfect little dress with great details. Even though it's velvet, it has kind of a casual day dress look about it. I love the color of the velvet and the buttons (check out the close-up shots on the website) The overall style is just perfect for Myrna.

Check out the dress for sale here -

Now follow that tag over to Couture Allure

Nelly Don - Interesting Life & Fabulous Dresses

I recently bought a load of vintage stock that had 8 1950s Nelly Don Day dresses. I did a little research on the gal behind Nelly Don and found out that she had a very interesting life.
Born Ellen Howard Quinlan to Irish immagrant parents in Kansas, she was the 12th of 13 children. Nicknamed Nell, she learned how to sew and repair her hand-me-down clothing at an early age. After getting married, she began to make dresses for herself and family and friends. In 1916, a local dry goods store began ordering her dresses and this was how her business began. Her business was very successful and in the 1930s her factory was making 5000 dresses a day!
Nell was married but had a relationship with James A. Reed, a U.S. Senator from Missouri, who was also married. At one point, she went to Europe to 'adopt' a baby, but in reality she was pregnant with Reed's baby and went there to hide out and give birth to the baby.
In the 1930s Nell was kidnapped and held for ransom. James Reed enlisted the help of gangsters to find her! He threatened to expose the mob boss if they didn't help find her.
Nelly Don was one of the most successful dress manufacturers in the world. She lived to be 102 years old!

Check out A Stitch in Time - a documentray about Nelly Don.

The Kansas City Library has some great old photos of the factory workers at Nelly Don -like this one on the left

Here are a few of the Nelly Dons currently (but going quickly) for sale at Dandelion Vintage

Bye for now, Carol

evintage Blog Tag - Spring!

eVintage Blog Tag - I tagged the Vintage Bulletin from my own Jersey Girl Blog
This week's tag theme is Spring! I chose to pick some Spring selections from Posh Pig Vintage since I already posted about my Spring item in my own blog.

Well, there are several cute dresses -
Vintage 50's Green Wrap Sun Dress by Carolyn Schnurer
Cool 1 Shoulder Full Skirt Vintage 50's NOS Sun Dress
CURVY Vintage 50's Gigi Young Wiggle Cocktail Dress

I like these dresses because I like green, I like one shoulder dresses and I like cocktails! No, really, I think the shawl collar on the green plaid dress is really nice, and it has a great Spring look. The one shoulder dress might be a little cool for the Spring, but I couldn't resist it because I really like the print on it, just get yourself a little sweater in case it's chilly. The cocktail dress is perfect for Spring - Easter, Mother's Day, Wedding etc - you'll be a knock-out!

Cute Spring dresses from Posh Pig Vintage!

Follow the tag to Penelopepup's Vintage Blog

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fun House Call

Went to a "house call" with a good friend.

The gal was a collector who was downsizing and needed to move somethings out.

It was awesome!
Lately all of the house calls for vintage 40's and 50's were actually full of late 80's and 90's clothing. I've seen some really GREAT Alfred Dunner let me tell you.
Not this time.
30's bias cut nightgowns and Mexican painted circle skirts and cute 50's sundresses.
The house call was my friends so I "OMG" a few things right away and then hang back till she is done picking to get anything....normally she let's me get the things I have "OMG'd".
Of course you know inside I am thinking while she is deciding, "nononono don't pick that, yessssss pass it by, good girl, move on now, nothing left to see here......leave it for me" because that's the way I roll.

This time I got these saucy green suede 1940's wedge peep toe shoes. I love the little gold trim and the leaf accent on the toe box.

LOOK at this dress.
Atomic food novelty print.
Cocktails and B-B-Que, baby, right on your patio.
And yes, these will be on Damn Good Vintage very soon.
Be patient.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Stretch Satin Swim Wear of the late 1930's & 1940's

Prior to the middle of the twentieth century, bathing suits were typically constructed of wool or cotton. Until rayon was introduced in the 1920s, the main available fabrics were linen, cotton, silk and wool.

In the early 1930's Lastex was introduced and in the late 30's Nylon came on the scene. The introduction of the new fibers gave the swim wear industry a much needed boost. The new technology in fibers brought flexibility into the swim wear industry itself and made it possible for stylistic diversification. Examples of the form fitting, curve appealing stretch satin suits shown above have all the shimmer and shine to add highlights undulating every curve.

Curve Appeal

Many of these bathing suits were slip on style and some manufacturers started using the zipper at the back or the side in the late 40's to help give even more definition to the female form. The bust line is still unpadded at this time. It's not until the 1950s, when the swimsuit started being even more revealing, that manufacturers we able to start designing swim wear that hid the faults in a womans figure by adding stretch tummy control panels, bra cups and boning to give the bust support.

Old Hollywood Glamour

We love the old Hollywood glamour of these stretch satin suits. We've added a few to our website this past month, our favorite is shown to the right. Anchors away matey!

And let's not forget the men! We've also got a wonderful pair of 1930's Satin lastex swim trunks available at glamoursurf.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring is (hopefully) just around the corner!

I thought I'd share some memories from the past (Branson-ozark style:) - this would be my grandmother in the left photo, this was a trip to the hills for a spring picnic. The era of this photo hmmm would have been at the height of moonshine running for a lot of folks in the "hills" at that time:) (just a tiny bit pre-roaring flapper days, altho i have to say grandmother enjoyed that era as well:). The photo on the right is great grandmother and her lovely sisters on a picnic at the church (a more sedate group, amazing what a difference a few years makes, suddenly you can show ankles and a few years later bob that hair! - then show a little more and a few years later even more shape!) Until we're where we are now. Hmmm is this a good thing? As tacky as I sometimes think some of the casual fashions today are (please no more tummy rolls in baby t's) --- I don't think I would enjoy corsets either (as beautiful as I think they gave dress shapes:) nor would I like to attempt to do anything in a hobbled skirt! Fortunately I think we can look forward to the best of this spring's dressier fashions & material, lovely! (minus the pain of past corseted waists)
Even if I can't get myself into one of those lovely memory dresses, I oh so love looking at the history. Happy almost spring and I hope all can get out and have a picnic even if it's not in vintage finery! (a little red wine and you can pretend)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Portobello Mary

Today I received an email from Auction Atrium in London about an auction that is running right now till March 5th.

It is for the estate of "Portobello Mary".

Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to snap up a piece of history from London's most famous market.

Mary Brown was a dealer in vintage costume jewellery and accessories for nearly fifty years on Portobello Road and in that time the market changed from being a "rummage around" dealer destination to becoming London's fourth biggest tourist attraction.

Situated not a mile away from Portobello Road, Auction Atrium can think of no better way to commemorate our association with the market and its traders than to establish the Portobello Road Category in Mary's honour. We hope you enjoy the wonderful array of lots that will be coming your way over the forthcoming months.

Click the link above to view the catalog. There are just tons of great vintage jewelry, purses, hats and clothing. Tons 'o eye candy.

Julie~Damn Good Vintage

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Shop and Save!!!

Just for the fabulous readers of The Vintage Bulletin and for a limited time be decided later, like probably 2010..............I'm offering a 10% discount for all you great folks. This is for anything on our website cemetarian So go ahead, drop in and Shop Til Ya Drop!