Monday, December 31, 2007


What can I say?
I get sucked into sites like this.

Oooooooooooh, Polyvore!

Polyvore, Discovered.

........................Sure, sure, I'm way behind the rest of the world but what FUN is this? POLYVORE.COM. You can add your OWN stuff or use others! Great fun, dig my newest....


Happy New Year

I'm not listing much clothing right now because I'm in the middle of really trying to get more and more fabulous vintage patterns listed on my website.

You can find the one on the left with the fabulous open sleeves at
We Dig memories!

New at Dandelion Vintage 12/31

New at Dandelion Vintage this week - (click the links to check out the items)

December 30th -
- Two 1960s Beaded sleeveless sweaters - shimmies & spangles
- 12 slips - full and half, assorted sizes & pretty styles
- a Mink Fur Cape & 4pc Mink Stole
- 5 plus sized girdles
- 6 girdles - assorted sizes.

Here are a few examples of the new stuff!
Two Fun, Shimmery, Beaded & Sequined sweaters -

I bought over 200 slips from the estate of a slip-lovin lady. She bought slips in pretty colors and fancy laces, and most were unworn. A bunch of them are already up for sale on my website, and here are a few more from that lot -

A Cute panty girdle with ruffles around the legs and a great sheer black girdle that I almost knocked my teeth out getting the girdle on my mannequin!

Bye for now, Carol -

Friday, December 21, 2007

Posting Guide

What to post here -

For Shoppers -
Please post photos of your favorite vintage outfits and purchases. Vintage sellers LOVE to see photos of happy vintage shoppers whether they've bought something from us, or from another seller. OK, not everyone wants to post a photo of themselves online, me included. So a photo of just the item is fine too. And the item doesn't have to be something that you bought online, show us your offline buys too.
If you are looking for a certain kind of item, post a similar photo here, maybe one of the sellers will have it.
Got a great vintage related story or information about a style or designer that you'd like to share? Then post it here.
Vintage sellers love to hear feedback, so please feel free to comment on the posts. We want to strengthen the connection between vintage sellers and buyers, so please let us know what you want and what you are thinking.

For Sellers -
If you've just listed a fabulous item on ebay (store or auction) or on your website or Mall Store and you want to show it off, post it here to send some visitors over to check it out. Post 1 to 4 reasonable sized photos (don't stretch the board, keep the file size fast loading) and remember to post the link to the item. You might want to include measurements in your post here, and you can post as much commentary on the item as you want - item details, why you love it, why the customer should buy it etc. Make it interesting or fun so that blog readers will want to check out your item, or at least make them want to return to check out the blog again. The Vintage Bulletin will work as a vintage clothing sellers database for shoppers to easily find online vintage clothing shops whether you sell on a website, ebay, etsy, MainStreet Mall, Babylon Mall, Specialists,  Ruby Lane or another venue. You can even promote your brick and mortor vintage store.
If you've just posted a great selection of items, for example - sweaters or day dresses or VLV items - whatever - show them off here. Post as many photos as needed for your theme and include links to each item. For example - 'Just listed - Hot VLV Dresses!'

It's Wednesday, and you've just posted photos on the VCA's Eye Candy thread, now post them here too, with links to the items.

Just made a great stock purchase and you want to show it off to lure customers into your site/auctions? post a sampling of photos here with links.

See a great item on someone else's website or auction that you think is really fabulous (but can't buy it for yourself of course) and you want to help show off that fab item - post it here with photos and link.

If you are running a sale on your website or offering free shipping or other specials on ebay - post about it here. VTA & VBO promotions are welcome too.

If you find a vintage clothing related story online, post it here. If you want to write your own vintage story about a favorite outfit, the history of a special item, or a designer, do it here. I want this blog to be more than 'Here's my stuff - come and buy it' The key to a successful blog is to make it personal, interesting, funny and informative. Grab people's attention and keep them coming back to check it out.

If you are posting about just one item, include 1 to 4 photos of that item. If you are posting multiple items, you can post photos of up to 5 items, but remember to keep the dimensions and file sizes reasonable. I like to keep about 15 recent posts on the board at one time, and when alot of people post alot of photos, it will slow down the board if the files are large. Use a JPG optimizer to make your files smaller.

Also, if you are posting slideshows or other flashing, moving widgets, please only post 1 per week. Several of those can slow down the board too.

Please try to make your 'Display Name' something that can be easily associated with your vintage shop. Like 'Carol@Dandelion Vintage' or 'Dandelion Vintage' Be sure to Include your store link or website link in EVERY POST, maybe include a small store logo too. You want to get people into your shop, so make it easy for them to know who you are and where to find you.
Please post a link to this blog wherever you can - on your own blog or website, on your ebay mepage, myspace or any other vintage related board or group.
Use this blog as a stepping stone to get new visitors into your site/auctions. Make the posts interesting so that people will want to come check you out!

Just a few rules -
1. Vintage related posts only, no spamming with lose weight fast or get rich quick junk. Please do not spam by posting the the same post over and over.
2. No negative comments about other sellers.
3. Your link will be added to the sidebar after you make your first post. I am currently not adding any more sellers to the RSS feed.
4. There is a limit (set by to how members can join the blog. So to remain a member, you need to make at least one post a month.
5. You must post a link to the blog somewhere to help promote it.
6. The Vintage Bulletin reserves the right to refuse or delete membership to the blog.
7. The Vintage Bulletin reserves the right to delete posts that are deemed inappropriate.

For linking, the url is -
and here are some small banners if you'd like to use an image -

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The more that the blog is promoted, the more visitors the blog will get. And the more that you post your stock here, the more chances of getting those visitors into your shop!