Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Noble Savage Vintage at The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show

Noble Savage Vintage
will be at The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show

Booth 19 (1st full aisle not far from the dressing room)

October 24 from 1pm-8pm
October 25 from 11AM-6PM
125 West 18th street

Go to
for more info on the show and for reduced admission.

Here's a preview of just a few of the Vintage and antique items that we will be bringing.  

1950s Fuchsia Velveteen Swing Coat

1940s Mimi Pearce Hand Knit Dress

Late Victorian Red Burgundy and Black Velvet Bonnet

Vantines Habutai Silk Kimono

1950s Soft Plastic Faux Tortoise colored purse
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Singing in the Rain Vintage Raincoats and Umbrellas

How about some Vintage Raincoats and Umbrellas that will have you Singing in the Rain?
I don't know about you, but when  buy a modern umbrella, they rarely last for more than two to three uses.  I can only imagine how many uses these vintage umbrella have survived.  All of these pieces and more, can be found at Noble Savage Vintage on Etsy.

Rain or shine, this Psychedelic, Op Art A-Line Jacket will have you feeling good looking great.
On the rainy days, why not pair it with this Fabulous 1950s Schertz Original Taupe Nylon Umbrella with a wonderful textured black resin handle. An antique brass chain for the wrist, provides a stylish way to keep your umbrella close at hand.

1960s Jolee Mod Op Art Psychedelic A Line Coat Jacket

1950s Schertz Original

Nylon Umbrella in Taupe

Cute, casual and comfy, this adorable London Fog rain coat dates from the late 1960's to the early 1970's. Paired with this 1950s Gem Umbrella Co. Umbrella with a fabulous golden fringed tassel, you will be right as rain.

1950s Gem Umbrella Co. Grey

 Umbrella with Fringed Tassel

Vintage 1970s London Fog Rain Coat in Baby Blue M

Classic, timeless, and updated in a lovely and feminine shade of green and beautifully fitted with Princess seaming in the front and back this is the perfect trench coat for Spring and Fall. 
Paired with this 1930s to 1940s Umbrella with a red Lucite Handle and finial will take it to another level of statement making rain gear.

1930s to 1940s Umbrella with a

 Red Lucite Handle and Finial

Vintage 1970's Green Raincoat Trenchcoat

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cardigan Clips, a (Sweater) Girl's Best Friend

Today was muggy and uncomfortable but earlier this week I felt fall sneaking up on me. I can't say that I'm thrilled.

I don't love cold weather but I do love sweaters. And not only do I love sweaters, I love sweater clips. Also called cardigan clips and sweater guards, they're both handy and stylish. Some are pretty simple:

available on Etsy
Some get crazy-fancy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Best In Vintage With The Stars

Visit my stores for the best in vintage  - buttons, patterns, jewellery, photos, and much more

knit with the television stars
13 easy to knit garments
Marion Ryan 
Jill Bennet
Millicent Martin
Rupert Davies
Judith Chalmers
Marie France
Carole Carr
The Beverley Sisters
Vincent Ball
Billie Whitelaw
Jackie Rae & wife
Ian Hendry

Friday, August 8, 2014

Lady's Spencers Knitting Pattern

The Spencer was orginally a woollen  outer tail coat without the tails and dates to around the 1790's. It was worn as a short waist length, double breasted, man's jacket and originally named for George Spencer, 2nd Earl of Spencer (1758-1834). (A relation of the late Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales).

The design was also popular with women and was worn as a cardigan or as a short fitted jacket cut just above waist level, or, in Empire style, to the bust line, and  tailored on identical lines to the dress.
The use of the term Spencer continued well into the 19th century to mean more gernerally any type of short jacket or coat. For instance in Australia the term is sometimes used to refer to thermal underwear.
In menswear a Spencer is often reffered to as a knitted vest or waistcoat.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

1800's Clothing- The Shrinking Waist!

"Back in the day" and I am going way back, ladies were mostly of a small stature. This is evident in the clothing that has been curated. I have gowns and jackets with waists as small as 13" for an adult.

Ladies clothing was typically floor length for the entire day. It was scandalous for ladies to show their ankles or legs!

It was fashionable to have the smallest waist measurement possible. Many ladies cinched their waist so tightly that they would faint. Thus, the term "Fainting Couch" and smelling salts were always handy.

Jackets had metal stays and many hooks and brackets to ensure an hourglass figure. They was a lot of pain to be fashionable.

Dresses were fashioned in America by the Parisian influence. Lush fabrics, beautiful soutaches, buttons, jewels and fancies adorned the gowns.

Underneath it all, the ladies wore cotton pantaloons, crinolines, slips, chemises and camisoles. Pantaloons could have wide open crotches for ease in using the facilities. During the the mid 1860's the gowns all had generous hoops. Some of the crinolines were even made of a steel framed cage.

Many of the gowns had fabric inside the hem area to protect the hems while walking outdoors on dusty and wet streets. Walking and visiting gowns were mostly of durable fabrics and of dark colors.
I will feature a few pieces from that period. I hope you have enjoyed a few tid bits of information from this period in time.


My sister and I have a vast collection of gowns from the 1800- 1930's. More photos are available upon request. We only have a few on our sites for sale right now. More to come.

Visit us at www.vintageweartreasures.etsy.com
or at www.RosasVintageFinds.etsy.com

Monday, June 23, 2014

Thursday, June 5, 2014

"Bates Motel" is about Murder, but Also the Clothes are Cute

"Bates Motel" is an amazing show I don't think enough people are watching. It's not all over my Facebook newsfeed the way, say "Game of Thrones" is. It's kind of brilliant, the way the show talks to Hitchcock's "Psycho", its source material. It also based on a few books of the same name. Basically, the books and the show try to explain how a boy because an insane, mother-loving murderer-taxidermist.

It's a big question. I hope the writers spend several more seasons explaining it to us because I love this show.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Whats a Gal to Wear to the Jazz Age Lawn Party

Every year we look forward to New York City's Jazz Age Lawn Party, an event Hosted by Michael Arenella and His Dreamland Orchestra, where Governor's Island is transformed for the weekend into a playground for frolicking Flappers and their fellows with great music, dancing, cocktails and more. 
Noble Savage Vintage will again be vending at this fabulous event and can you believe that it is just about two weeks away? My oh my, how time flies. So, what will we all where? 
Here are a few ideas for inspiration for the ladies and also for sale at Noble Savage Vintage on Ruby Lane. 

JUNE 14TH & 15TH
11:00AM to 5:00PM

This is a daytime event, so how about a 1920s day dress in a lovely cotton net lace with a silk liner. Cool and airy for those hot afternoon temperatures. This dress and others, perfect for daytime wear, are available in the shop's 1920's section.

Not all ladies are into dresses, and guess what; you don't have to wear a dress. Knickers were also popular and acceptable for daytime and sporting wear. Paired with a middy, or a crisp cotton blouse, or or maybe raise an eyebrow or two in a saucy little camisole as it will likely be warm. (If this pair of knickers is not your size, you could always try these windowpane plaid linen plus fours in a 29" waist.)

Whether you wear a vintage inspired modern dress or true vintage, Sometimes the perfect authentic period purse can help to set the mood. This early 1930's purse is fabricated in a lovely Nile Blue velveteen with an embossed frame. It's unique frame is double hinged and has a square opening. Sturdy and yes, roomy enough for your i phone. 
This and other flapper friendly purses can be found in the shops Handbags and Purses section. 

Some figures are more flattered by the 1930s silhouettes. Take a look at the 1930s section of the shop for more Jazz Age day dresses in silks and cottons. 
This wheat Print cotton voile dress is a wonderful choice for the day and the necklace pictured can be found in the shops jewelry section

Don't forget to stop by our booth at the Jazz Age Lawn Party. I have so much more coming in in the next few weeks. Hope to see you there. 

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